AHTI VÄIN KONSULT was established in 1999.


Principal activities of the COMPANY:

-          independent (in the client’s interest) construction project management

-          construction supervision

-          owner supervision

-          consulting services


The company has 9 full-time employees; most of them are experienced project managers.

If necessary, we involve contractual employees from outside the company in various large projects.


The President of the Management Board Ahti Väin is a professional civil engineer with long-standing experience (graduated from the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute in 1984). He has received further training at the Helsinki University of Technology.

OÜ Ahti Väin Konsult is a member of the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

 In its daily work, our company employs modern project management methods for successfully functioning project management and high-quality results.

 Over time, OÜ Ahti Väin Konsult has expanded the range of services on offer.

The one that should be mentioned first is management and administration software Fimx, which was introduced in 2003 and has been used in Estonia since then.  

We believe that of all the companies engaged in the field of owner and construction supervision in the present construction scene of Estonia, we are a highly competitive one and should not be understated.

 Looking forward to further cooperation!


Ahti Väin, President of the Management Board

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